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Welcome to the innovative world of MSB® Cosmeceuticals – a leader in high-quality cosmetic procedures. Our advanced next-generation peels deliver impressive results, penetrating deep into the layers of the skin and acting systematically and deeply depending on the duration, all while excluding side effects.

ALPHA-TROPHOX112® – it's more than just a procedure; it's a transformation of your face in an anti-aging direction in just 90 minutes. Our unique ALPHA-TROPHOX112® complex includes isoplacenta for the restoration of damaged skin, snake venom, and 8 innovative peptides, providing a Botox-like effect and delivering noticeable lifting without risks to muscle function and blood circulation. We offer outstanding methods for caring for the area around the eyes and personalized manual massage techniques to restore the natural processes of muscles and tissues, promoting the healthy functioning and regeneration of the skin.

MSB® Cosmeceuticals are based on advanced biotechnologies and highly concentrated ingredients specifically created to meet the unique needs of your skin. Forget about standard procedures – with us, each session becomes a true immersion into a world of satisfaction and results. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, turning 90 minutes into an unparalleled experience of restoration and beauty. Entrust the care of your beauty to us. MSB® Cosmeceuticals - your path to exceptional beauty that you've always dreamed of.